5 Reasons You Need To Be Adding Content To Your Website

Content On Your Website Will Benefit Your Business In Many Ways

Most businesses have a  website, and most owners know why they need to have one. They invest money in creating an optimized, user-friendly website and promptly forget about keeping it active. The online landscape is fluid, so you need a dynamic website to see up with it. Adding new website content is a great way to ensure your online presence isn’t static. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should do it:

1. Keeps Your Website Updated

Google likes active websites. It looks at a page’s ‘freshness,’ which tends to degrade over time since its inception date. Freshness indicates how up-to-date the content is and that influences your search engine ranking. Google determines this by looking into several factors like:

• When the page was created is a factor. Older pages have lower freshness ratings and rank lower.
• Google will also check how much it was changed recently. Just altering a couple of lines or points won’t work, but changing significant bodies of text will improve a page’s freshness rating.
• The search engine will also consider which elements were altered. Changing the JavaScript, URL, navigation, comments, or even the date/time won’t influence a page’s freshness levels. Updating a significant portion of its text will have a better impact.
• The frequency of changes also makes a difference. A website that changes often has a higher freshness score.
• New pages improve freshness ratings as well. Websites that add optimized pages regularly, refresh their ratings and stay at the top.

New content keeps your website up-to-date with current information. Most search engine users look for the most current data as well. That’s why businesses should have a good content marketing strategy in place.

2. Google Rewards Websites That Add Content Consistently

Google rewards websites that add content consistently by giving them a higher ranking in Local SEO. The search engine’s goal is to make sure its users have a good experience. For example, when people look for ‘the best wireless speakers,’ they aren’t looking for data from two years ago. They want an article that will list good speakers available today.

This search engine has several ranking factors, but user-friendliness is listed at the very top along with inbound links. It will never list outdated websites on the first page of search engine results pages.

If you want to maintain a high ranking, make sure your website always has relevant, up-to-date, and unique content.

3. Your Competitors Aren’t Doing It

Maintaining a consistent content marketing campaign isn’t easy. It requires skill, patience, research, and a good plan. Most small business owners are on a tight budget or have very little time on their hands and post a couple of generic articles once in a while, but don’t maintain any consistency. Some business owners have a half-hearted content creation strategy. They don’t create anything unique or valuable, which impacts user experience and compromises their rankings.

That’s where you can get an edge over the competition. A strong content marketing campaign involves posting pieces that provide value to your target audience. Focus on making unique content that offers new information. A consistent posting schedule helps businesses develop a strong audience base and establish a brand presence as well.

4. Ranking For More Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are an essential aspect of a local SEO strategy. These phrases attract prospective customers near your location while helping you show up in a local search. However, content creators must incorporate such keywords carefully and use them sparingly to avoid stuffing.

More content provides more room for long-tail keywords. It can help you rank higher for those specific search phrases as well.

5. Google Will Index/Crawl It More Frequently

Google records every change in a website to keep its search engine results up-to-date. If you add new content or pages often, its bots will crawl and index the changes regularly. Any upgrade you make will register quickly, so your website will always appear dynamic.

Frequently-crawled pages tend to rank high on search engine results pages, especially if they live up to the company’s standards. It can give you an edge over other businesses, especially on a local level.

The easiest way to add freshness to a website is to publish blog content. An active blog can help you establish a strong reputation, gain inbound links, and incorporate relevant keywords.

Your Next Step

If you want your website to get more traffic, rank in google for more of your services, adding new content is a good first step. We will provide uniquely written (not copied anywhere) content for your website on a monthly basis to increase your website traffic. Contact us today to jump on a call to discuss your needs.