Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is Important For Your Business

A digital marketing campaign can include many different strategies ranging from SEO to paid advertising on search or social media. Most of the marketing content is either text-based or includes still graphics, especially on a local level. Many small businesses are intimidated by video marketing because they think it will eat into their budget. Don’t let this stop you from investing in a highly effective medium. This form of marketing delivers good ROI and is very impactful. Here are some reasons why businesses should consider it:

Providing Information To Educate And Inform

Most people find a visual medium appealing. They would rather watch a video explaining a product or service clearly instead of trying to read a large block of text. Video is a user-friendly medium because it makes it easier for people to get information. Consider the points mentioned below:

Video conveys information more efficiently, which is why it is such a popular platform. Modern technology has also advanced enough to ensure users have a smooth watching experience.

YouTube is a Search Engine Giant

When we talk about search engines, most people think about Google, Bing, or even relatively unknown platforms like DuckDuckGo or Yandex. As far as statistics are concerned, YouTube is the second largest search engine available today, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. It has also become an essential part of a modern customer’s shopping process. People search YouTube for product reviews, demos, and other such information. This is also one of the only platforms where most customers are exposed to attractive full-length video advertisements. Google allows marketers to target video ads at a particular location, which can benefit local businesses significantly. Creating video marketing content allows businesses to benefit from all the advantages YouTube offers. You can create paid ads, organic content, and create a thriving community on such a platform.

Videos Increase Engagement

Videos are very attractive content mediums, so much so that even casual browsers are interested in them. If an appealing video shows up on a person’s social media timeline, they’re more likely to watch it. Users are 10% more likely to comment on video content than on text content or graphics. If your Facebook Business page has videos, you can get around 33% more engagement on them. Video also allows businesses to take advantage of the young and trendy Instagram platform. You can share short clips on the business profile page, showcase some candid content through IG stories, live stream events or product launches, or even create full-length videos on IGTV.

Personalize Your Business Website

Today’s customers/clients and businesses rarely have face-to-face interactions, as many transactions are carried out online. This removes the human element, so it is difficult for customers to develop more personal connections with brands. Videos can help close this divide by giving your company a human face. For example, people are more likely to trust a plumbers’ website if there’s a short clip of the plumber introducing themselves on their homepage. People are more likely to trust the service of a website has clips of technicians working on an assignment. Adding a human element through video can improve customer experience, brand presence, and nurture trust, which isn’t easy in an increasingly digital world.

Videos Increase Conversions

Video marketing does have an impact on conversion rates. According to a recent survey, 71% of marketers agree video conversion rates are higher than any other marketing medium. Studies also suggest 85% of the customers are more likely to buy products after watching a video. This is especially true if the video involves an influencer recommending a product or service. There are several reasons for this, including:

We helped a dentist secure 3 high-end, porcelain veneer cases worth $70,000. All from one of our videos. All you need is a smartphone, our proven, high-converting scripts, and let us edit, optimize and upload your video. We’ll guide you all the way!

Our digital marketing agency has helped our clients convert high-revenue clients/customers from videos we’ve created ad uploaded to their website. It’s exciting to hear a client tell us that a video we created for them brought them new revenue.

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