What Is The Cost Of Doing Nothing?

As a business owner and an entrepreneur, it can be a lonely, scary and frustrating ride. Ups and downs in your business are common nature. The peaks and valleys can be daunting and stressful both personally and professionally. You got into business for your own specific reasons. Whether that be freedom, be your own boss, not making someone else money, or you have been a self-motivated, driven person your entire life.

Because we are a digital marketing and consulting agency, we are here to talk marketing (and advertising). Many of you have tried (a little bit) marketing and advertising with minimal results. You got disenchanted with it, to the point of feeling burned. It’s a horrible feeling, but if used as a learning lesson can be both liberating and valuable moving forward.

What Choice Do You Have?

Today’s landscape is ultra-competitive. Everyone is battling to win the customer. If you want to succeed in business you have basically 2 choices. You can do nothing and hope for the best, or you can step up and compete. The choice is yours but choose wisely as it will determine the fate of your business very quickly.

One of the most famous CEO’s in our country if not the world is Jeff Bezo’s of Amazon.com. He is quoted saying something that has really impacted me and I mention it to all our clients.

“The business that’s willing to spend the most to acquire a customer wins!”

No business owner wants to hear those words, and that does not mean wastefully spend the money. It means wisely invest the money. Just take a look around at the top businesses in your city. If I were a betting man they are investing the most to be found everywhere their ideal customers are. They are winning!

I once had a very successful, wealthy mentor say something to me that I will take to my grave.

“Wealthy people get their money to make more money.”

This is how you should think about your business. It’s the same thing as re-investing back in your business to grow it. Watch what happens to your business when you take this approach.

Marketing Is A Cost Of Doing Business

You can have the best product or service in the world but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter. All the hard work to make it the best is for not. If you’ve worked that hard to create something so great, it is your duty to tell the world about it. One of the most effective ways is through local digital marketing.

Everyone is on the Internet. You’ve got to be found when people are looking for your service. This is the warmest lead you will ever get for your business as they are searching for your service most likely on google. When you implement effective local seo  your business comes up on people’s phone and they call you. You win the customer. What’s that worth to your business to be found when people are searching for the service you offer?

As much as you may have a bad taste in your mouth regarding marketing, it is a necessity to compete in your local market. The key is to test and tweak your marketing on a consistent basis until your marketing message is connecting with your ideal customer and they are taking action.

Your Next Step

If you have a strong desire to grow your business, we may be a good fit. Contact us today to get on a strategy call where founder Mike Pedersen will do a live audit of your website and online presence to show you the hidden opportunities for you to grow your revenues.