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Local SEO | Get More Calls From The Maps Section Of Google

I know what you’re thinking. Local SEO is the “black hole”. It’s fairy dust. You have tried and gotten burned by shady SEO companies and individuals.

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to talk about Local SEO that works. That will get your phone to ring double the amount it does now for your business.

We have helped hundreds of local businesses (and we can prove it) double and sometimes triple their calls within a couple of months. What would that mean to your business in newfound revenue?

Proven Local SEO That’s Affordable

Local SEO can double the calls to your business in a matter of a few months. As a business owner, you want to be found when people are searching for all your services, for a 3-5 mile radius (or more) around your location.

I want you to embrace these statistics:

Google Maps SEO Gets Most Of The Calls

Because most of the local searches are done on a mobile device initially, the most prominent section to show up on your phone is the maps section. This is the section below the 2-3 ads that will be at the very top. Google has given the maps section prominence to make it easy for the local searcher to find businesses, click to call, see how many reviews they are and equally important, where they are located.

Being in the top 3 (3-pack) is a goldmine for your business. We have helped businesses double, triple or more their call volume (inquiries) from our high google maps rankings. Let us prove it by getting on a call with us.

Proximity Search

When google first came out people would type in city + service to find a local business. As google has advanced and so has people using google, now (especially on mobile devices) people use what we refer to as proximity terms. So instead of scottsdale CPA , people on their phone will type in just CPA, or CPA near me.

If your business (and website) is not optimized for proximity terms (we do this very efficiently) you will have a very difficult time getting found in the maps section on the phone. Let alone the top 3 positions. This is what we do better than anyone. Using our proprietary proximity local SEO optimization. It is very labor-intensive and we constantly change our strategy (every 1-2 months) to stay up with the google algorithm and all their updates.

Your Next Step

If you truly want to grow you business, contact us today, and we’ll get on a call where we will show you how our affordable Local SEO can bring you to the top of the maps section of google within a reasonable timeframe so your ROI is 4:1 or greater, and will continue to get bigger from there, as we expand your reach for all your services.

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