Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing – Direct Mail Still Works

One unforgotten marketing strategy that is actually more effective now is postcard marketing. With most businesses and marketing agencies focusing on digital (Internet), it leaves a wide-open opportunity for you to get in the homes of your ideal prospects quite affordably.

Why use postcards in marketing? Consider these direct-mail postcard marketing statistics:

There’s no doubt postcard printing is a powerful strategy for business growth, but only if you do it right.

Ignore The Myths

Most people will tell y0u they throw out all there “junk mail” but I’m here to tell you they don’t. Many homeowners are open to reading about local services and the offers they have. Because there are fewer businesses mailing out pieces, the amount of mail they get is not near what it use to be, so you have a better chance at getting exposure than you did a few years back.

Real Results

Automotive Repair Business: Averaging 11 new jobs a month after the 3rd month for a 5:1 ROI

Hvac Business: Averaging 9 booked service calls a month by month 4 for a 4:1 ROI

Dentist: Averaging 9 new patients a month by month 3 for a 4:1 ROI

Pest Control Company: 13 new customers a month by month 4 for a 5:1 ROI

Affordable Marketing With Postcards

We have partnered with a direct mail/printing company that allows us to compete with anyone on price, and our postcards really stand out as they are 6 x 9. We spend more time than most marketing companies on the creative. Cookie-cutter postcards are ineffective. We focus on your brand, unique messaging, and positioning, as well as tracking every piece that goes out so we know the ROI you’ll get every month.

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